It’s going to be an interactive 1 on 1 session where we’ll discuss the basics of social media, talk about the importance of content and how to use it to your advantage.

Finally, I will personally work with you one on one in your business to develop BOLD strategies that will dramatically boost your audience and increase your profit margin!

You will learn how to:

Attract an audience.

Provide value for followers.

Promote a brand.

Understanding of setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram

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Coaching is for you if -  You are struggling to understand social media? Struggling to understand how to navigate work, home life, kids and significant other, while trying to find enough time to post on your platforms? Are you wondering what to post on the platforms?

To help you achieve your goals of being present, without being overwhelmed and consumed by the platforms. 

I will help you create the best plan that will help you move forward each step of the way.

Once the perfect plan has been created, you will be able to work on your posting strategies, social media platforms, and content strategies. Making sure that you have the right key to unlock the right doors and accountability to make sure you stay on track.

 You have a specific platform(s) you are looking to grow. You are looking for hand-holding while growing your presence. There is confusion on how to get to where you want to be on Social Media. 

This coaching will help you gain clarity, focus on the results you seek as well as holding you accountable to your plan and goals.

6 Month Program - 1-hour calls each month

Follow-up/Recap after each call.

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7 Hour Intensive Social Media training, customized to your business. We focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and/or YouTube for 4 hours.  For the remaining 3 hours, we focus on and discuss your individual needs and answer any questions. We train on various tools to use, marketing strategies to start implementing. 

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