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An Ongoing Seri​es of Informational Entries

Establishing social media

The positive Side of Social Media

July 27, 2019

Social Media can affect business in a lot of positive ways, and can really help your business grow if it is used correctly. The internet can be a gold mine, of free marketing directly to your target audience.

I decided to write a short blog about, The Surprising things that you may not know about Social Media –

  • Lower/decreases marketing cost – using social media you can advertise & market your business, sales, events, etc;
  • You are marketing yourself/business/brand;
  • More & More people/businesses are using Social Media;
  • Helps to build a community that will support your business;
  • Visibility of your brand/business;
  • Increased traffic to your website;
  • Social Media is is global; your customers may not be in your current county/country;
  • Richer Customer Experiences – Interaction on social media shows your customer service level;
Establishing social media

Establishing yourself on Social Media

June 8, 2019

When it comes to Social Media, people have an overwhelming sense that, this is just too much for me. So first off, I will tell you…there is no need for you to be on every platform. But what I will tell you is pick at least two platforms.

If you are a new business owner or established business owner the best way is to figure out which platforms your audience, or ideal clients hang out at is to evaluate the social media platforms. 

Facebook would be one of the platforms that you can evaluate. Most people go with Facebook first, because it is easy to access and your friends and family already there. When you pick your next platform, you will need to evaluate your market, where does your idea client hang out at?

Next, you will need to figure out what your strategy is? How do you want to share your content? Since you are sharing your content on Social Media, two good choices are written or video marketing. Finally, figure out how often do you plan to post on these platforms?

These are a couple simple tips to get you started if you would like more information go to my contact page and let’s chat about your needs.

Avoid social media overwhelm

How to avoid social media overwhelm

May 7, 2019

Social Media can be a scary world, especially when you feel like it overwhelms you.

Here are 7 hacks to help you get over the mountain that is social media.

  1. Make a plan to check your social media platforms at certain times of the day.
  2. Once you get to your desk or work space and get settled, then you can start checking your social media sites.
  3. Turn off all notifications, once you are ready to start your day. Keeping the notifications on throughout the day can distract you from your tasks.
  4. Pick a day to schedule your social media post, this should be a day that you normally plan & review your business for the week.
  5. Don’t get on on social media platforms until your task is finished. Sometimes our mind brings us to a place of wanderlust, especially when we don’t want to finish that task we are working on.
  6. Do not treat a social media platform as a personal site. Social Media is the window display in which our customers walk by and look at – if they don’t like the display on social media, they will keep walking by.
  7. When creating your content, understand that it is Quality NOT Quantity. – It’s best to give valuable, informative information.

Pic credit: higher education marketing & swish design

social media posts

Make sure your social media post have these tips

April 15, 2019

One of the best ways to have a great social media post is to make sure that you have these 4 areas covered.

  • Length of your post — There are some platforms that you can write a long post & some platforms that short & sweet are best. Based on the platform, the length of a post makes a difference.
  • Images and emojis — Are attention-grabbing, and they increase engagement.
  • Hashtags — It is recommended that you use 1 or 2 hashtags on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. On Instagram, you can use up to 10 and no more than 20. But you want to make sure that you do not go overboard with the hashtags and that they make sense with the content you are posting.
  • Authentic — When you are on Social Media, always be yourself, never try and be someone you are not. Share your personality. Don’t try to sell or push promotions, no one wants to be sold to on social media all the time.

As you are creating your content to post on these social media platforms, be sure to keep these key content ideas in mind. You want to be sure that your posts are getting read and that you are getting engagement.

Let me know if you take these 4 tips in mind when you are posting on your platforms.