Why choose SL Media?

Shequita Lee of Shequita Lee Media has been coaching up and coming entrepreneurs for years, teaching them about managing successful social media accounts through instructional workshops and Facebook live recordings. When she isn’t teaching others how to grow their social media presence, she's often finding new methods on how to scale growth on sites such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as developing ways on how to teach these methods to those interested. 

Shequita also makes sure she caters to the busy entrepreneur who has no time to learn how to manage their social media, by becoming their SMM (Social Media Manager).​


We Listen

We listen to what you want, where you want your platform to be and will explain how to get it there.

We Communicate

We keep you in the loop. You will know what is going on with your platforms, as well as receiving bi-weekly status reports.

We Deliver Results

You will grow your followers, your engagement will increase and people will know you are in business.

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